Jul 14




Thank you for considering C&M Plastics as your packaging partner.  C&M Plastics is a manufacturer (EBM) and a wholesale distributor of bottles, jars, vials, containers, plastic bottles and glass bottles.

C&M Plastics has over 30 years of combined experience in custom and quality packaging for the Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Chemical and Spirits industries in glass, plastic and metal plus containers and closures.
Global and domestic sourcing capabilities include: Glass bottles; wine bottles, boston rounds, packers, jars, and vials.   Plastic Bottles; Oval, round, square, shaped bottles and jars in PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, and PETG. Continuous thread, Child resistant, dispensing closures,  plus pumps, sprayers and droppers.
C&M offers a wide range of services including wholesale distribution, custom EBM molds, bottle design, manufacturing, inventory management and stocking programs.  Please contact us today to discuss your packaging requirements.

455 W. 21st St. - STE 101 - Tempe, AZ 85282 - Phone 480-804-0383 - Fax 480-804-0381